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Look for us in the Jan/Feb 2006 issue of Vermont Magazine. The feature article, Outdoor Adventure, Mushing through the Mountains, is written by Kate Carter and features her ride with Atii Sled Dogs.
photo credit: Kate Carter


Getting ready for a run.


We are not offering dogsled rides or skijoring lessons or anything else involving our dogs.

Atii Sled Dogs

Located in the scenic, rural, farming and ski resort community known as the Mad River Valley in north central Vermont, we are experienced mushers with a small kennel of AKC purebred Siberian Huskies. We are recreational mushers as well as racers—and sled dog race organizers.

We are happy to educate and share a taste of our fun and passion for our beloved dogs and dog-powered sports.

Our kennel name: Atii (pronounced “Ah-tee”) is an Inuit word for “Let’s Go!”—which is what we say when we release the brake and snowhook and get the team heading out on the trail. (No, we don’t say “Mush!”) They are always eager to go on an adventure with us—and we hope you are, too.

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